Field Research II-Public Opinion Survey


The purpose of the interview is to elicit and record information, opinions and experiences which are unique to the person interviewed (CSUN student). The individuality and personality of your participant should be evident in the written interview (see format below).

Interview Write-Up Format:

Date: 00/00/2011

Time: 00:00PM

Location: CSUN (example)

Interviewer: Student name

Interviewee: Name, occupation (College Student)

a) Re-write each question before you write the response.

b) At the end of interview, make sure you ask the interviewee if there is anything else that they would like to add.

c) Make sure to thank the interviewee for their time, patience, and support.

d) Finally, be sure to include a statement about what you learned from the interview.

1) How do you define public opinion? Do you believe the collective opinion of a large segment of the population actually matters? Why?

2) Do you believe race influences public opinion? Why?

3) What role does the Media play in shaping how American society formulates their opinions?

4) Do you believe gender differences in public opinion are more or less dramatic than racial differences? Why?

5) Early influences in political understanding are the family and schools. Did the schools you attended develop your civic values? How?