Factors of influence of sexual orientation in men and women

Research Question: Motivation and Emotion – What factors influence sexual orientation in men and women?

Write a literature review of the 4 uploaded journal articles on human sexuality.


– Includes a concise statement of the purpose and structure of the paper as well as the specific research question to be answered.
– References four relevant and current primary sources. The research question is addressed in a balanced perspective, and is well discussed in some depth in an integrated presentation. The articles selected are appropriate and research-based.
– Excellent, integrated discussion of the research question, based on the sources reviewed and the student\’s own analysis.
– Complete, concise summary of the structure and/or points made in the report.
– Consistent use of APA style (6th ed.) in title page (running head/page header, page numbers, margins, appropriate title for research-based paper, student name, AU ID, course, and instructor); primary and secondary citations; and reference list. Includes page/paragraph numbers in all citations.
– Excellent organization, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Transitions from one section to the next are clear and logical. A well-organized report (may use headings). Paraphrasing is complete and accurate.