Explains the current status, relevance, and implications of a criminal justice policy related to community-based corrections

Assignment 1: Position Paper on a Community-Based Corrections Policy
The Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice is requiring a policy paper of all individuals enrolled in CRM 375. The paper will be graded on the following criteria:
a. Explains the current status, relevance, and implications of a criminal justice policy related to community-based corrections
b. Articulates the arguments and evidence which supports the policy
c. Articulates the arguments and evidence in opposition to the policy
d. Identifies and critically examines ethical issues which may affect an assessment of the policys merits
e. Critically discusses with sound reasoning ones personal position on the policys values
Sections a-e will each be worth ten points. Points will be deducted for all other requirements not met (length, source
f. Demonstrates appropriate grammar, spelling and writing skills for an upper-level student
You have all of this week and until May 1 at 11:59pm to turn in your paper. I strongly suggest you finish it as soon as you have some time. I am extending the date so you will have time to use the reference librarian and Writing Center if needed.
1. Due Date: May 1, 2017 (papers after 5/1 will obtain a maximum of half of the credit)
2. Paper length is four-five pages double spaced, minimum 1000 words
3. Citations and bibliography must meet APA style.
4. Do not rewrite the criteria for each section of the paper in the paper but include the letter at the ending of the paragraph or section if you have multiple paragraphs. Be sure to use paragraphs! Example: if this is the end of my section on part a, I just put the letter after the last sentence of the paragraph(a)
5. The policy must be related to community-based corrections. Look through the table of contents from your text for ideas or contact me for a brain storming session!
6. The student must use five professional resources (no videos, podcasts, magazines or newspapers), at least one must be from a peer reviewed journal. All resources must be from 2010 or later! You may use the Meyer library website and the reference librarians for assistance in finding documents. For those of you out of town, the reference librarians will chat or email with you! In addition, you may find the following sources to be useful:
The National Institute of Corrections (view the library documents on the website)
US Department of Justice Monographs
Federal Probation Journal
7. The student is to follow the policy on Academic Integrity for this University. I have included a handout which further explains the University policy. Even reusing a paper you have previously turned in for a grade is considered plagiarism for our class. Please take the Universitys policy seriously in this class and all of your classes at MSU. In our major, it could impact your future career.