Explain what was the main power on martin luther and how did he gain,consoladate,maintain power.

There are historians who believed that the printing press ranks among the most revolutionary new technologies in the history of humankind. Like the invention of the alphabet two thousand years before, and the computer 500 years after, the printing press changed the way and the speed with which we share ideas with one another.as much as any invention in human history, the printing press changed our lives.
The amazing thing about the alphabet is that every sound that we can imagine can be shown by some combination of a handful of letters. Unlike the ancient written languages of the Egyptians or Chinese, the alphabet represents sounds, not ideas. The renaissance was underway with a surge of ideas breathing new life into painting, architecture, old classical literature, theater, and much more.
Martin Luther was a catholic priest who was unhappy with his church. On october31, 1517 he posted 95 theses or criticisms on the door of the castle church in Wittenberg, Germany. One of his goals was to stir up debate about industry