Explain What issue is the ethnographer exploring?

The what:
In this class, we will be reading and responding to three assigned
ethnographies. Each reading response will be structured and graded in
the same way, outlined below. The purpose of this assignment is to
acquaint students with the way that anthropologists explore issues of
sex and gender through fieldwork methods, as well as introduce
students to another culture, examine the interaction of a culture and
its environment, and practice analytical and written communication
The how:
You are required to complete a two-page (500 words, minimum) (12
pt. font, double spaced) summary response. The responses must
include the following elements in a coherent summary:

A)At least one page is a summary (250 word minimum) of the
assigned reading that identifies the topic of the ethnography, the
key insights the author makes in his study, and the primary
anthropological methods used by the author (see chapter 5 in
your textbook). For example,

a)What issue is the ethnographer exploring?
b)Does the ethnographer advocate for his/her informants?
c)Is the ethnographer an active participant?
d)What does the ethnographer reveal about their interactions
with the people in the study?

B)A second page (250 word minimum) that includes you own
thoughts, opinions, insights, and perspectives on the
ethnography. For example,

a)What has the author omitted from or not discussed in the
b)Are there topics you would like to know more about?
c)What most impressed you while you were reading?
d)Was there anything you didn\’t agree with?

C)Two questions based on or inspired by the readings, to stimulate
class discussion and debate that you will bring with you to class.