Explain those mother that feeding their infants only how much they needed to be fed is actually benefits their infants\’ growing.

2. Two comments to colleagues – 20 Points: After you complete your initial response to an online question, you should read through several of your colleagues responses and choose at least two to provide a comment to. Often a student will choose to comment on a response that was most helpful to him/her in understanding the course material better or one that he/she found interesting or intriguing. Any comment to a colleague should adequately explain why you found your colleagues response helpful, interesting or intriguing and be at least 100 words in length.

A Good Example of a Students Comment to a Colleague:

There definitely were several historical events that shaped our country and I too believe that our desire for individualism was the cause. You picked a great quote from West and Turner, Individualism involves self-motivation, autonomy, and independent thinking. Our nations definition of freedom seems to follow this way of thinking. The key words from that quote can be applied to the historical events that you listed. The settlers demonstrated self-motivation in their desire to practice the religion of their choosing. The abolition of slavery demonstrated the importance of autonomy. You also mentioned some of the groups that spawned from these monumental events. Despite the fact that I do not agree with what these groups stand for, I do understand that they are also practicing individualism.

You have to comment on these two following essays:
First one:
The first value that I would like to tap into is that Somalis are Sunni Muslims. I personally think that the only way we can know and understand their culture is by firstly understanding their worldviews and beliefs. I strongly believe that it is important to do so because they have different beliefs compared to those in Western countries. By understanding their culture, it could help us understand their view on several things, especially on health care (page 374) beliefs. For instance, breastfeeding is regarded as a right for Somalis mothers. However, overfeeding is also important to avoid. Therefore, we need to provide education for them regarding the consequences of overfeeding.

Another value that I would like to tap into is that Somali women place a high value on motherhood, that they receive esteem for their role as mothers. Because of that, they are most likely willing to do anything for their children. If I am a health-care provider, I would help a Somali mother by providing them with knowledge about the importance of breastfeeding and the danger of overfeeding. For example, I would provide a free class for Somali mothers about health-care, especially about the health of children and babies. In addition, I would hire a medical interpreter (page 372), if the mother did not speak fluent English. By providing translation services for the mothers, we could improve the communication between health-care providers and Somali mothers, hence ensure maximum understanding.

Last one:
In order to implement the interventions, the healthcare provider should realize that if health providers and patients cannot understand each other, the whole treatment may not be processed and completed successfully. The understanding here is not limited to the examination of scientific and physical illness, but also include the MUTUALLY UNDERSTANDABLE COMMUNICATION (P366), culturally speaking. In other words, the healthcare providers have to realize the differences between cultures, different WORLDVIEWS (P367). To overcome those differences, healthcare providers must apply COMPETENT INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION SKILLS(P367), whose core is understanding.

Children are highly valued and considered gifts from Allah in Somali value. According to this value, mothers would likely to do anything to protect their children and have huge desire to have plump and healthy infants. Therefore, as a health provider with intercultural communication skill, one should solve the problem from their perspective. For example, one should try persuading those mother that feeding their infants only how much they needed to be fed is actually benefits their infants\’ growing. Also, health providers can use scientific knowledge or data to prove their saying. In this way, mothers are still following their cultural values and at the same time, the infants are fed in a healthy way.