explain the use of IPT more effective that ITN\’s in the prevention of malaria in Africa?

The second one exactly the same but different question you can follow the way I have done the first one and do exactly the same. On top of that I attach marking criteria, reference guideline and another power point file for the overall requirement. Please follow and if you dont get it feel free to ask for clarification. Here is the file listed below. Again to emphasis please the literature you are citing has to be up to the date.
File 1 Finished Assignment EBP, is a finished assignment EBP all you need is to follow exactly this one.
File 2 formative assignment [this one needs to be completed}
File3, marking criteria [this is what teacher is going to use to mark this paper please have a look and do your best to meet the requirement.
File 4 reference guideline [this is the required reference please do follow]
File5, is a PowerPoint slides to guide overall assignment is the same of check list]