. Explain the type, date, and length of interview.

Interview paper of an elder 70yrs or older

) Summarize the interview in your own words. There should not be too many direct quotations in the paper. Be sure NOT to give any identifying data (i.e. name, location) about the person you interviewed. The paper should include:
1. Title page in APA format with captivating title of your paper. 2. Explain the type, date, and length of interview. 3. The major points that you feel the older adult made in your interview (General information, health status, social support, retirement and feeling about aging, successful aging, and other questions you included in the interview) 4. Whether you think the perceptions of the older adult you interviewed are affected by his/her life experiences and in what way. 5. A final paragraph about what the interview meant to you and how it may have affected your own perceptions of aging.