Explain the tort of nuisance and advise Dave on his legal position, citing relevant case law and statute.

There are 2 Scenarios and a QUESTION FOR EACH SCENARIO. each Answer should be 687 words.

Scenario 1:
Dave has lived in his house for 25yrs. He recently gained planning permission to convert the garage at the bottom of his garden into a granny flat. When his Mum moves into the flat, he realises the noise from the little printing company; which is situated in the neighbouring garden right next to the granny flat, is continuously loud. The press runs 24 hours a day, seven days per week.
Dave has asked them to reduce the number of hours the printing press runs for so that his mum can sleep. They say that theyve been printing on this site for over 15 years and he should have complained years ago. They have refused his request.

Explain the tort of nuisance and advise Dave on his legal position, citing relevant case law and statute.
ANSWER = 687 words.

Scenario 2:
James was making a music video for a rap new band based in London. Having selected some locations in Chelsea and Camberwell, James and the band went to spend the day and night filming.
Tito, the lead guitarist saw some scaffolding up against a house at 37 Adding Square and thought that would make some great footage. He rang the doorbell of the house but no one answered so against James advice, he climbed the scaffolding. A bedroom window was slightly ajar and Tito put his hand through to hang onto the frame and stand on the scaffolding rail. James filmed him for about 10minutes and they moved on to another location.

Bill owned 37 Addington Square. His neighbour Claire, saw what was happening and took pictures of the band and film crew to show Bill. The name of James company was clearly written on his jacket.

The band continued film in the street and Felix, the drummer with the band had brought along his drone to take some aerial shots of the lead singer. Felix operated the drone which passed over several homes and gardens in Chelsea and nearly crashed into the garden of number 3 Sunnybank Road, where Mary was outside playing with her children.

Mary ran inside with the children and saw James and the band on the street with their film equipment.
Mary went into the street to confront them and James apologised and gave her his business card.

Both Mary and Bill want to sue either James or the band for trespass and have come to you for advice.

Citing appropriate case law or statute, advise Mary and Bill on their legal position and who they could claim against.
ANSWER = 687 words.