Explain The impact of execution strategy models (business models) integrating employee engagement on bridging the strategic-execution gap: the case of 4 disciplines of execution model.

Research question
How will the level of people engagement improves the performance of Lebanese hospitals integrating the 4 Disciplines of Execution as a new business model?

Research Objective
1- To assess the effects of integrating a new business model ( the 4 Disciplines of Execution model 4DX) on employees\’ engagement and commitment
2- To compare the level of clarity of the organizational strategies and priorities among employees between organizations have intergrated a new business model (4DX) int its management practices and organizations practicing other business models.
3- To find out the improvement in synergizing among employees in organizations integrating 4DX.
4- To verify the filling gap between strategy and execution in organization using 4DX in its management practices:
– At organizational level.
– At team level.
– At individual level.
5- To compare the overall results of organizations integrating 4DX with organizations using other business models.