Explain the current factors associated with the bushmeat crisis.

The Bushmeat crisis in a particular country

In the course articles and videos, you have learned a bit about the killing of endangered animals, also known as the bushmeat crisis. This is a major contributor to the endangerment of primates, along with deforestation and human population expansion. The information provided offers a few reasons why the crisis exists and the ultimate ramifications for species endangerment. Terry Erwin of the Smithsonian Museum has asked you to talk to fellow college students about this topic.

Choose a country anywhere across the globe and make sure to answer the following questions:

What is the country you are investigating?
Explain the current factors associated with the bushmeat crisis. Other animals are most likely impacted by the killing for food, but offer specifics concerning primate species and the commercialization of meat in this territory.
Is the meat from primates considered a delicacy? Why has the amount of hunting increased in recent history?
Summarize the political, economic, and social factors leading to the bushmeat crisis.
Describe, in detail, the scientific analysis of the crisis and any means to reduce the killing of endangered animals for commercialized meat. Describe the endangered animals in its scientific name example such as Bengal Tiger or etc. Not only the name Tiger. What type of Tiger or etc. You can choose your own.
Concluding remarks about how your audience can learn more about the subject matter and make a difference.