Explain substance abuse among veterans with ptsd.

Must include 10-12 pages and a works citied page. Use at least five sources in your research, find three articles from academic journals (or texts). May also use other sources including: critical essay/article that is not an academic article, but urges a particular theoretical or philosophical perspective, full length news article that responds to current/recent events. Any online sources may be used in addition to the above requirements.
1. Define and develop a clear thesis
2. Identify the main argument of each text you discuss(paraphrase), and include/restate details only if they are part of your analysis/argument. Be sure to use in text citations when necessary.
3. Select a direct quote from at least two sources and interpret/ analyze
4. In conclusion consider whether further questions can be raised, or if further connections can be made; do any problems/ concerns exist with the articles/ arguments presented? How have you further complicated your thesis? What have you contributed to the discussion and topic? Please do not directly restate or summarize earlier points.