explain Standardized Tests

In My paper, i disagree with standardized testing because, in college application, they only care about who got the highest standardized score and don\’t care about the learning you got from school or what grades you got from school..

choose one Standardized test (ACT, SAT, ILETS..) and talk about .

I have attached some powerpoints from my professor where she gave examples and links about the pros and cons of standardized tests.

If you can make up a life experience example, that would be great.

she mentioned in one of the powerpoints i attached:

For or Against
Define the topic (all tests? A particular one?)
Outline your reasons
Give evidence/support for each of your reasons

You cannot be vaguely against something or for something without the ability to articulate what you think and why.

She also wants to see, which links you got your info from.