Explain something that requires a human to explain it.

The primary purpose of informative speaking is to ensure the audience\’s clear understanding of the ideas or issues you share with them. The purpose of this speech is to present a clear explanation of complex material to the audience. In other words, your task is to explain something that requires a human to explain it. You are informing to educate, not to persuade, in this speech.

Use at least THREE different types of supporting materials (i.e., examples, testimony, facts & statistics, narratives, definition).

Cite at least FOUR sources in your speech.

Be prepared to answer questions from the audience after the conclusion of your speech.

Your presentation skills should include:

Natural and conversational (extemporaneous) delivery
Effective vocal and physical delivery skills
Effective use of presentation aids


You must submit a typed, full-sentence outline following the format of the Outline Worksheet, including a reference page in APA format, on the day that you speak.

You must submit a keyword outline of not more than 250 words immediately following your speech. (You can develop your keyword outline on notecards, 8 X 11 paper, or your electronic device.)

Refer to the Outline Checklist under the outline tab on this site.

Delivering your Speech:

Deliver your speech before an audience you have gathered of at least three people. I suggest you ask more than three, in case one cancels at the last moment. You must have three audience members to obtain credit for the speech. You can work in a group with classmates from this class, you can ask classmates from another class, you may ask friends or family. One participant must record your speech. At the beginning or end of your video, please pan to your audience members, and give a brief statement as to how you know them.

Upload your speech video to the discussion board section of canvas on or before the due date.

Upload your typed, full-sentence outline; your note cards or speaking notes; and any visual aids to canvas.

Assignment addresses Course Learning Objectives 1-4.