Explain its implications on group and organizational performance.

You work in the Human Resources Department for a large privately held organization in the UK called The Schwartz Group. In the newspapers, you have recently found information about the pay gap between men and women; that the average wage of ethnic minority workers is just 79% of white workers; and that people with disabilities struggle to find jobs. Diversity is not a topic that has been paid much attention to at The Schwartz Group. However, 65% of employees at The Schwartz Group are women and 68% are non-white. You therefore feel that it is time to raise awareness of diversity and discuss its implications on group and organizational performance. The next Board Meeting would give you an excellent opportunity to inform top management more fully about these topics.

Present a case to management for inviting a representative from HR to the Board of Directors meeting. In your essay, indicate why management should be concerned about managing diversity at work and how HR can contribute to the issue.

Your essay must include the findings of the following three articles:

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