Explain Integrate the discussion of key players and their interests in each of these three sections whenever it makes sense without being redundant.

Please be sure that your analysis for this paper is purely objective and not an advocacy piece. The goal for this paper is to use the three lenses to analyze the likely competition surrounding the issue and to identify the key players on the demand and supply sides of the issue and their interests.

Report Length. Style and Documentation. Report should be limited to no more than 2000 words not including references. Please do a word count to make sure you are close to this target limit. Print the word count with your name and subject on the top of the first page of the report. Number all pages. Use frequent subheadings. Limit paragraphs to five or six sentences.

Report Overview. In this report, your analysis must be based on what you learn from the teaching note regarding the three lenses of 1) the issue life cycle, 2) the distribution of issue costs and benefits, and 3) estimated issue salience of your issue. These lenses will help you understand the political competition surrounding your issue. The first two lenses are the most important and should comprise the majority of your report. You also should identify the key players on the demand and the supply side of your issue. These players, and why they are interested in the issue, should be part of your life cycle discussion. Key players and their interests may also be part of the issue salience discussion and the cost/benefit distribution discussion. Information about your specific issue will come from your research. On-line sources including reports and websites of interested groups and associations as well as personal interviews are usual sources of such information. Be sure to annotate all your sources.

Report Format. The report should have three sections one for each of the three lenses. Begin with the issue life cycle and use subheadings. No introductory section is necessary. Introduce your issue by talking about how it began and how it has evolved through the issue life cycle. In the second section, discuss the distribution of costs and benefits and which individuals or groups are most directly affected by these costs and benefits. The first and second sections are the most important and should be the most detailed. In section two focus only on direct benefits and costs. Those who are indirectly affected are not likely to be political players on the issue. The third and final section should be a brief discussion of issue salience based on polling data.

Integrate the discussion of key players and their interests in each of these three sections whenever it makes sense without being redundant.

Use subheadings within each section of your report. Do not worry about tactics used on your issue or likely outcomes of the issue in this report those subjects will be part of your analysis for another report later in the course. Short paragraphs make your writing easier to read. I suggest no more than six sentences per paragraph.

Every fact you do not know must be documented with footnotes or endnotes. Any phrase quoted that is more than two words must be in quotes and documented as to the source. Make sure you link each fact to its reference source with a number