explain how to develop the mind-set of the super-wealthy and to draw money towards you.

i think the paper needs to includes more of my relative experience and volunteer work in the major I\’m applying ( organizational psychology)
please add some of my skills in the paper i include most of my work in the dox.
the 1370 doc is the guide to the paper.
the ID312 is the actual paper
ida farzaneh doc is my volunteer work
the 2 images is the cours in iran that i finished
please include more details about my volunteer job in tehran university.
try to focus on my background as well in which I\’m multicultural and how this can be an advantage in california which has ethnic diversity and it can be an advantage in the workplace later on

also add that being a professional athlete i learned how to function well under huge amount of stress and hold it together(which might be helpful for my job late on)

and add that i gained self confidence and how to interact with different people and how to be responsible.
also dd more details about the 3 courses of silva method that i passed.
here is the link about Silva method(add the link in the paper)


here is some benefits aboutt the silva method:
(please add some of it to the paper as my skills)
Eliminate Bad Habits Forever

We all have habits that ruin quality of our life. These often include addictions to smoking, over-eating, lethargy, or unhealthy lifestyles. We teach you powerful techniques to reprogram your brain to end these habits permanently. No need to rely on willpower or to pay hundreds of dollars to therapist. Our grads have successfully put a stop to bad habits and poor behavior that have plagued them for life.

One of my long term goals in the class was to lose weight. Recently, I noticed that without struggle I have made dramatic changes in the way I eat much less fat and sugar and smaller helpings, yet I seem to be more satisfied and enjoying the taste of the food I eat more than ever.

~ G.H

Benefit #5

Boost your Career and Attract Money like a Magnet

In the 1920s the richest man in America, Andrew Carnegie commissioned a young writer called Napoleon Hill to study the qualities of some of Americas most successful businessmen to understand what made them tick. Napoleon put the results of his work into two best-selling books, The Laws of Success and Think and Grow Rich. What did Hill find? It was not education, or brains or powerful networks that was the main determinant of a super-achiever. It was the spiritual and psychic use of their mind.

Mr. Hill said The most powerful instrument we have in our hand is the power of our mind. Jose expanded on Napoleon Hills work and formulated techniques to help anyone turn themselves into a super- achiever. Our seminar has helped entrepreneurs hit their earning goals, salespeople exceed their quotas and managers develop better skills with dealing with their employees.

In this seminar you will learn how to develop the mind-set of the super-wealthy and to draw money towards you. You will also learn how to develop a life-plan, how to identify your goals and to dream big.

The project had been stalled for a year over legal issues because the producer was not able to get the necessary permissions to go ahead. The result I wanted was a green light to go ahead. Within a few weeks, I was able to get the necessary permissions to go ahead with the project. I will certainly continue to use these techniques as the project moves through the many phases involved.

~ Jackie (writer in New York)

Benefit 6#

Be a Master of Human Relationships

Your mind can and does affect other people at a subconscious level. In this seminar you will learn how to use your mind to affect your loved ones for the better. Help your kids with their study habits, finally understand your teenager and develop a more loving and understanding relationship with your spouse. Also learn how to use your mind to attract the right people to you mentors, guides and even soul-mates can be drawn to you.