explain how the foundations of democracy can be found in the Declaration of Independence.

Briefly explain how the foundations of democracy can be found in the Declaration of Independence. Compare the promise of democracy from the Declaration of Independence with the reality that was created by the U.S. Constitution. How well did the U.S. Constitution as it was originally written live up to the democratic principles in the Declaration of Independence?

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1. Pluralist Theory, While looking at the powerpoint it shows that the Pluralist theory is defined as the people/citizens rule threw influcing policys also called interest groups. Furthermore, the theory states that alot of people rule but they have to be in the Interest groups of the Seirra Club and NRA. If the people are not in these groups then they do not rule because the Seirra Club and NRA are the major factor of leadership. The Pluralist argues that ordinary people may very well rule but have to be with the interest groups stated. According to the powerpoint the problem with pluralist and the government is that not many people fall into the interest groups(not being in the interest groups) meaning the people who belong to the interest groups rule but the people that dont unfortunately do not rule .Elite Theory, The elite theory states according to the Political Theory powerpoint that only the rich rule. so if someone is not wealthy having loads of money they will not rule. For example, Bill Gates owner of Microsoft General he has made billions and has the power to do the upmost whatever he wants owning the largest P.C software company helping government with taxes money that is need to donated and citizens with our daily lives an example is doing homework for classes. I think that The Elite Theory is how the government runs today because money is everything that is needed for any company or organization to succeed so when the rich create these companies they help the government majorly in many ways threw taxes and solving financial political problems. Also can go with looking at elections Elites candidates fund their election in multiple ways that they need to succeed and be elected by donations media events and many more the list goes on. When looking at both theories and democracies they both have powerful leaders that can do all aspects of financial needs meaning the powerful in interest groups Sierra Group, NRA and the rich help out the ordinary people.

2. Although voting is the way for citizens voices to get heard in politics, there has been and still, so many restrictions. When voting first started it was only intended for rich, white men but over the many years the restrictions started to open up to African Americans, women, and then later for 18 year olds. The founders did not want voting to be for everyone, fearing that the power and laws would shift. Literacy test, and poll taxes that have been put on everyone other than rich white male voters have been restrictions to keep them out of the poll, scared of the changes that everyone else can bring to the government. Relating the low voter turn out in America to everything that happened in the past, there is a strong correlation. Still to this day we see a strong number of voters who are rich, white, and older men more than minorities, and the younger generation. It is not being stressed enough in America to have everyone in the polls, reason being is because if Americans stressed how important voting is the laws and government would get a serious change! Referencing the powerpoint, our country has such a low voting turn out compared to other counties, because we are not taught enough of the importance. The consequences of lower voting turn out, are HUGE because we are not using this voice that the people have, that many people in America have fought for. Women, African Americans, and minorities have fought in the past to get us this right to vote and we should exercise it so we can see the change in the world. In more recent political connections, more young and minority voters voted for our presidential elections because of Donald Trump. More and more of our generation is becoming aware of political issues because of the actions done by our president.