Explain how Open-carry laws help the general public and make life better in Texas.

Two papers of at least 10 full, typewritten, double-spaced pages in 12-point Times-Roman type with standard margins of about 1 inch at the top, bottom and sides. A standard Word document will suffice.
A bibliography page (Works Cited). Use internal citations (Author, page number or short Web address). The Works Cited page is in addition to the minimum 10 pages of text.
Do not use footnotes.
At least 10 separate sources in addition to material cited from the textbook. In other words, the textbook may be cited, but does not count as a book source.
At least five book sources, not including the course textbook. A book is a detailed scholarly analysis. Journal articles, magazine articles, and historical documents may be used as sources but do not count toward the five-book requirement. For example, the Constitution is a document, but The Essential Users Guide to the Constitution is a book.
Do not cite Wikipedia or similar online encyclopedias. Restrict your source selection to scholarly analyses. All of these are available in our library.
MLA style.
No stand-alone URL sources in Works Cited. URLs must have author and article title.
All sources cited in the bibliography must be quoted or cited in some other fashion in the body of the paper. All sources cited in the body of the paper must be listed on the Works Cited page.
No charts or graphs.