Explain how good communication skills can contribute to the provision of effective health professional services.

The topic of the report is how good communication skills can contribute to the provision of effective health
professional services.

The Scenario is:
You are a health professional who needs to deliver the bad news to a client about limited and very expensive treatment options. Discuss TWO communication skills a health professional can use to ensure that you are able to deliver high quality care to this client.

You Should:
???? Base your report on the evidence you find in the academic literature
???? Write from the perspective of a generic health professional- DO NOT BE DISCIPLINE SPECIFIC.


1. Understand the question
???? Identify the task words, such as discuss, explain, evaluate. What exactly is the question asking you to do?
???? Identify the content words-What are the concepts and the key words that you have to discuss?
???? Identify the limiting words that will focus your essay, e.g.do you have to focus on a particular time, place, population or problem.
2. Search
Begin by searching the literature using electronic databases, as described in the lecture/workshop. (you could use the keywords you identified above).Limit your searching and reading to articles/ chapters from peer-reviewed journals, textbooks, publications or webpages from professional bodies or government publications (that means, only search credible and professional sources of information).
3. Analyse
~ 11 ~
Read the title and abstract of potential sources of information and select the articles that appear to be relevant to your topic. In order to find between THREE and FIVE relevant articles you may need to read 10 or more abstracts.
Next read your shortlisted articles more fully. You may find most of them relevant to your topic but of these pick the most relevant articles that you wish to analyse closely and site these in your report (you may use more articles, but you will not receive extra marks for doing so.) Read the articles thoroughly and make notes or highlight sections that relate to your scenario and the TWO communication skills you have identified.
Decide what you report statement is- your position on the topic (e.g. the TWO most important communication skills for this scenario are x and y).
Start writing a report plan, using the following sections as a guide:
???? Introduction/background: 100 words
???? First communication skill: at least 400-500 words
???? Second communication skill: at least 400-500 words
???? Conclusion: 100 words. 4. Synthesise
Identify what information, arguments and references you would like to discuss in each section of your report. Start writing your report in your own words but use the evidence from the articles to support your position or argument.
If you use direct quotations, make sure you copy them exactly and reference them. If you use indirect quotations and paraphrases, make sure you reference them.
Create a list of references at the end of the report using the correct referencing system-use the style guide to make sure you site and reference correctly.
Make sure your report flows from one point to the next in a logical fashion and that the text is related to the headings.