Explain Healthcare Reimbursement

8 Page DETAILED paper on choosing a health insurance plan that meets the needs of family/situation of your choice that must include 2+ people and one or more chronic diseases. you can include occupation, income, living situation etc. as all of this influences choosing a health plan. NO MORE THAN 2 PAGES OUTLING THIS.

the remainder must be the compare and contrast of the information below.
throughout the paper you will outline the needs of the family and what is important to you in the chosen health plan. you will then compare and contrast the capabilities, the copayments, deductibles, physician services, etc. between 5 HEALTH PLANS (Aetna, Blue Cross, Kaiser, United Health, HMO, PPO, Bronze, silver, gold, Medicaid Plans (aka Molina etc) & Medicare (if eligible) Out of the 5 plans you will then choose and defend your reasoning for the choice you make for your family based on health need, finance, etc. you will compare charges, copays, restrictions. etc. AGAIN THE DETAILS OF THE FAMILY AND SITUATION SHOULD BE NO MORE THAN 2 PAGES. The Remaining should be devoted to the compare and Contrast of the plans and how it meets or does not meet your needs.

the 8 pages DOES NOT include cover page and works cited
1\” margins
Double spacing
In addition, crate a 8-10minute presentation to explain your situation, options and why you chose the health plan.