Explain Employing Ex-Offenders in the Food-Service Industry in the District of Columbia: A Benefits/Analysis Study

Thank you so much in advance for your help.

I have attached a document to this order. This document has almost all the notes you need to complete the 3 research sections.
1) Ex-Offender Unemployment (USA/DC)
2) Barriers to Employment
3) Government Policies & Incentives

These 3 sections are part of several other sections of my Capstone Thesis which examines recidivism in the U.S. and DC, and the role restaurant owners in US and DC (specifically) have played and can play in addressing the needs of ex-offenders. The Thesis also conducts a thorough exploration of challenges and benefits associated with employing and will conduct an Action Plan to guide employers on how to hire.

The purpose of each section is highlighted in the documents attached.

Most of these notes are pulled from online reports, and I unfortunately was unable to locate most of their citations. Though I am sure a copy+paste to google could locate.

The end goal here is to compress these 18 pages to 10 pages and to cover the following main questions:
– Are ex-offenders unemployed?
– Why are they unemployed?
– What are employers concerned about?
– Are these concerns based on evidence or perception?
– What government policies and incentives exist for employers?
– How do those policies and incentives work?

Please email me if you have any questions. I hope the attached notes are helpful and not too much. Wish you the best of luck!