Explain Effectiveness of Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

This paper is a generalized research paper on OCD but with a specific focus on current research on the effectiveness of Exposure and Response Prevention.

I. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a specific research topic in the area of a mental disorder.
A. address the features of the disorder
B. Enhance your knowledge by going beyond the DSM-5
1. Focus on relevant research and or other materials on the disorder
2. You may want to highlight certain aspects, ie demographics( ie male vs female), predisposing factors
C. Review Issues of differential diagnsis(similarities and differences with other disorders).
D. Review medications used in treatment

II. Demonstrate an understanding of the theoretical perspectives(ie cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic, humanistic)
A. choose two different theoretical perspectives
1. Explain the basic points of each perspective
2. Describe how each perspective would explain the etiology of the
disorder and their treatment approach
III. Discussion(suggested areas—you may choose other areas)
1. Are there any controversial issues of the disorder?
2. How do the theoretical perspectives support or differ from one another?
3. What treatment issues should be considered?
4. Is the disorder responsive to medications?
5. What advances have been made in the last 10 years?

*An essential part of the research paper is the digestion of the factual information. Your thoughts are crucial and must be included. A paper without critical analysis will earn a minimum of a B.