explain Does this work adhere to the writing guide on book reviews

History 121: Instructions Book Review #1
The Souls of Black Folk
write a review (900-words minimum) of this book. I have placed a
copy of this book
at the campus library, or you may purchase it at the campus bookstore.
This assignments due date, as well as my policy on late work, are located in the class syllabus.
Mandatory Requirements:

Your book review
at least 900-words in length

strongly recommend
you review all assigned Writing Guides before beginning this
assignment. Remember, college-level writing is expected of all students at all times!

citations are required
at all times
Any and all
uses of a source without
proper citation may be considered plagiarism, and will result in severe penalties!

For this assignment, you may
use the following sources: the book your are reviewing
materials provided in this class (lectures, readings, etc.), and all scholarly sources obtained via
the campus library. Popular sources, whether print or online, may
to be used for this
assignment without my express written permission. For assistance with finding, identifying,
and accessing scholarly sources, please contact the campus library.

must follow either MLA or Chicago style
for this assignment. If you need assistance
with this, contact the campus library to obtain a MLA style manual or a Chicago style manual.
Submitting your work:
Students must submit their work via the Blackboard course website. Navigate to the Blackboard
course website, click Book Review, and open the Turnitin link for this assignment. Follow the
direction provided to upload and submit your finished work to the Turnitin system. This is the only way
I will accept this assignment. See syllabus for l
ate work policy.
If you have any questions about this process, or need assistance with Blackboard, please contact
SCC Distance Learning. Link –
This assignment is worth 15 total course points, and will be graded as follows:

Composition (5 course points possible)

Some issues to be considered:
Is this a good example of college-level writing? Are all
sources properly cited? Are scholarly sources used, and popular sources excluded? Does
the work follow MLA / Chicago style? Has the assignment been edited and proofread?

Exceptional work = 5 to 4.5 course points awarded

Good work = 4.4 to 3.5 points awarded

Poor work = 3.4 to 2.5 points awarded

Incomplete / No work = 2.4 to 0 points awarded

Book Review (10 course points possible)

Some issues to be considered
: Does this work adhere to the writing guide on book reviews? Does it fulfill the basic requirements or an academic paper, including a strong
thesis statement, a clear argument, and the proper use of evidence? Is it convincing?

Exceptional work = 10 to 9 course points awarded

Good work = 8.9 to 7 points awarded

Poor work = 6.9 to 5 points awarded

Incomplete / No work = 4.9 to 0 points awarded