Explain Blind Conformity in Shirley Jackson\’s

My topic is Blind Conformity in society and how it pertains to the story.
I have a few sources from Galileo. Let me know if you want to use them. Or you can use your own. I need at least 6 sources and how they relate to my topic of conformity and tradition in the story. They must be scholarly publications, not any random website.
I am attaching the instructions.
I would like something included about how the paper was written three years after Auschwitz, the concentration camp, was liberated. The Holocaust was conformity at it\’s finest.
Also maybe some examples like… how the Lottery is being held in the center of the town, in between the bank and the \”government\”. Those aren\’t the exact terms but that\’s what they represent. I thought that was really interesting and deep on Jackson\’s part.