Explain Anderson, Kupp, & Moaligou Analysis

Analyze the article \”Lessons from the Developing World\” by Jamie Anderson, Martin Kupp, and Ronan Moaligou that appears on pages 544-47 of PCI.

Use the guidelines for Reading Critically on page 7 of PCI to help you formulate 1-2 pages analysis of the article. Also consider including information about how he uses the appeals (Ethos, Logos, Pathos). You may point out the structure of his argument. Your analysis will be a partial summary. For example, your first sentence can be the same as it would be for a summary. However, in addition to summarizing his main points, you will analyze some of the aspects that are pointed out in Chapter 1 of PCI, particularly on page 7, as well as his use of appeals and the structure of his argument.

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