Explain a pathology recitation

Please send this order to an expert of this field (Pathology)
This is for a pathology recitation class. Please check the recitation grading criteria first.

There are a case (case6)and two questions with answers from my classmates(QR). ( I attach the files: \”case 6\” and \”QR\”, please check)

Please respond to their answers with insightful and thoughtful remarks that expand or clarify principles presented earlier.
you don\’t need to make any further questions for your reflections Please just find new information or your thoughtful idea(respond) for two answers.

Please do not repeat same information which my classmates already told in their answers. (Please make sure of this!)

For references, please use 1 or 2 references for each your reflection for the answers from my classmates.

Please use AMA format.!

1 paragraph for 1 answer