Explain a Career paper as a Investment Banker

*Education Requirements
Does this career require a college degree
How many yrs of school
Does it require a Bachelors Degree? What are advancements of Masters degree
*Require Skills
What skills d per the career require
Do you have to have these skills In order to have career
What class or positions can you take/work now to help you to achieve this goal
* Salary
What is the annual salary or hourly rate
Does it stay the same or does it increases annually
What is the least you could make? Most?
Does education make a difference in salary
Does location make a difference in salary
* Job duties & Type of work
What is the job description be specific
What hours/ days are required to work
Is this a career that can be found in any city
Is this work done inside or outdoors
Cover page
References at least 3