Expirt Wintess Testimony and Digital Evidence Presentation

Bare in mind that table of content and references are excluded from word count

Assignment Specification
You are required to produce a report, detailing the UK legal system and the appropriate report type an expert witness can submit to each tier within the legal system. When evaluating the UK legal System you should describe fully the structure of each court, the cases they will address, and the likelihood of a digital forensic examiner attending this court to give evidence.
Describe the UK Legal system
Identify the number of courts within the UK and their roles
Identify any European Court of Law that will address digital evidence
Compare the UK and EU legal systems
Perform a literature search to identify a high profile case that has been processed by a
UK or EU court.
Evaluate the suitability of having a single report that can be used within all types of
Evaluate the information that an examiner needs to include within their reports.
The Report:
You are required to produce a detailed report of the UK and European legal system that consider cases related to digital evidence.
Your report should as a minimum contain the following:
An introduction
An overview of the Legal System
The type of cases considered and addressed within each court of law.
The characteristics of UK and European Courts of Law
o The evaluation should be from a digital examiners point of view
o A comparison between the structure of the UK and the European legal systems o Critically analyse a high profile case that has been addressed by either a UK or
EU court of law.
A conclusion, where a review of your finding is presented
Where appropriate, use relevant research to describe forensic terms, techniques and
The Report Structure:
The report should be written in the passive form.
The report should have a consistent layout and be divided into enumerated sections,
sub-sections, sub-sub sections.
A contents page should be included, showing clearly the word count of the body of the
report (excluding title and contents page)
The report should be fully referenced using Harvard referencing standard.

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