Evaluating the Telecommunications Industry, and the effect of the Smartphone Patent War with Apple.

-May Adjust the Title Accordingly
-Attached in the files are three good documents. The Chapter Reviews document is a review I made of the book used for this course, that is strongly related to the topic of this thesis paper. The Outline for the Thesis Paper is very brief and not detailed, so would need a more detailed and thorough copy in order to turn in to my professor ASAP. That document also includes some suggested sources that could be used for the thesis. The Final Report on Patenting File is a good report written by my professor discussing the topic of patenting thoroughly, which can provide good insight or be used as part of the references for the thesis.
NOTE: The Outline I\’ve provided is regarding the main content of the thesis, but please follow regular thesis guidelines and include what must be necessary. Discuss with me of the thesis guidelines planned to be used before initiating.