Euthanasia Should No Be Legal

This is a PERSUASIVE RESEARCH PAPER and I have written the introduction paragraph and have my reasonings already.

6 reasons
Since safeguards can not be properly enforce or regulated voluntary euthanasia will inevitably lead to involuntary euthanasia.
Voluntary euthanasia undermines medical research and violates historically accepted codes of medical ethics.
Voluntary euthanasia gives too much power to doctors and relies on them to carry a heavy burden.
Voluntary euthanasia will tremendously impact the mindset of the elderly, sick, disabled, and depressed.
The implementation of euthanasia would lead to the decline of care for terminally ill people as doctors seek an easier and cheaper solution. In addition doctors would feel inclined to relieve the patients torment through the use of euthanasia rather than etc
Euthanasia is becoming increasingly futile with the augmentation of new medical practices such as palliative care.