Emerging web technologies and their applications in business

Conduct research and write up your essay by answering the following questions:

1. Why are these issues critical and what are their personal, social, environmental, and economic impacts?
2. What are the newest technological achievements and/or best practices that could resolve the issues and what are their strengths and/or weaknesses in resolving these issues?

Additionally, you need to spend at least two paragraphs discussing the following topic about job preparation:

3. Suppose you are planning to pursue a job that is related to the subject you chose. For example, your career goal is to be an enterprise website designer/developer if the subject of your essay is about emerging web technologies; your career goal is to be a web security specialist/analyst if the subject of your essay is about web security. Please identify the job title, define the job content (you may want to cite some online sources), and describe how you would prepare yourself for pursuing the job in detail?