Divided States of America Pt. 2

The video that you have to base the paper on is called Divided States of America Pt.2

You can also access the video from this link: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/article/tonight-divided-states-of-america-part-two/

This is an assignment consistent with \”writing across the curriculum\” which will assist in our endeavor to improve critical thinking, analytical reasoning and content assessment (the more you engage in such activity, the better you become at such activity). Critical thinking/reading (and ultimately writing) consist of four overlapping areas: 1) analyzing; 2) interpreting; 3) synthesizing; and 4) evaluation. Skill in thinking/writing is much like musical or athletic talentit takes practice to improve. The very process of putting thoughts on paper forces clarification and seeing thoughts on paper (or on the computer screen) facilitates our own evaluation (students can learn a lot from low-stakes writing). Teaching simulations are an effective way to get students motivated about content and subject matter (role-playing also serves this function). Simulations are a way to draw students in and develop empathy and understanding of the subject they are learning about. Basically, the student is expected to: a) form and explain their understanding of the text; and b) judge the quality and significance. To this end, your assignment is as follows: Compose a one page single-spaced typewritten essay about your interpretation of the PBS-Documentary.