Discussion Three

Chapters 7-9 were pretty broad in scope (Outpatient and Primary Care Services, Inpatient Facilities and Services
Managed Care and Integrated Organizations), but much of what was covered came back to improving delivery while controlling costs. In Chapter Seven, there was a strong emphasis on primary care, and there were undertones of its relevance in Chapters Eight and Nine (more heavily).
Bringing in concepts from each of three chapters, write a newspaper/newsletter style article (make sure that the terminology is relatively simple) that advocates for the reader to place a much greater emphasis on primary care or to not emphasize primary care (pick one side of the argument only). You must use at least three reputable sources to support your argument (cited in APA format).
Your article is to be one to two pages in length, with 12-point standard font, and double-spacing. Your reference list does not count in your page requirements. Please cite all.