Discussion Paper One

Based on a comparison of healthcare delivery methods (PPO, HMO, private practice, etc.) and the history of medicine in the United States, make an argument for the United States\’ healthcare system to remain a mixed model or move to a market justice-based or social justice-based (pick the extreme to which it should move [social insurance or socialized medicine) model.

Your paper must be no longer than two pages, 12-point traditional font, double-spaced.

Any ideas, paraphrasing, or direct quotes must be cited in APA format, using both appropriate in text and reference citations. Failure to appropriately cite will result in a grade of zero (0) and may lead to disciplinary action.

The book we are using is Essentials of the US Healthcare System, the Arthur Shi & Singh 4th edition. Chapter 1 through 3

The Professor is using turnitin for uploading discussion paper