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Discuss the idea of \”Us, It, and Social Interaction\” as discussed in Chapter 5 of The Forest and the Trees. Consider and talk about how the types of schools that an individual grows up going to help to shape and reinforce their particular idea of their \”self\”, and the role of education in shaping self identity and forming social interactions.

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Our idea of our selves is directly linked to our social interactions in the way that our they give us a way to view our selves . Much of who that we decide that we are is linked to how others view us because when we realized that, through noticing how we are treated and viewed, we become aware that we have a \”self\” in the first place. In this way, our social interactions serve to define us as people and can have a large say in who we turn out to be. I especially like the line in the book that states that our \”selves\” are just an idea.

The type of school that a student attends can decide in a sense who that student becomes. School is chalked full of social interactions, this makes school one of the biggest learning grounds for identity, especially for young minds that are still discovering who they are. A public school with a bad reputation might create a student that has sub par academic scores and problems with social interactions. This might be because they believe that less is expected of them, or maybe they had a bad social experience. Since how we view our selves is so closely tied to social interaction, schools help to cultivate the self and how they will behave in the future.

The idea of us according in the chapter talks about the idea of ourself. We ourselfs not only makeup what we are physically but what we are mentally such as the thoughts that go on in our head and how we act towards one another. It is the system that we partake in whether it be going to school, playing a sports event, or even going to work. Now to participate in social interaction we first have to have a concept about who and what we are. Social interaction shapes us in the ways that we act and think. Other people\’s actions and ideas can have a great influence on the way that we act. Schools are a very important institution shapes the kind of person that we will be growing up and when we are grown up. For example, if we go to a school that is riddled with gangs, violence, and drug use it is going to be very hard to not fall into these actions. Schools help us shape our idea of \”self\” whether it be what subjects we like to study and who are friends are and what their interests are. Schools are a place where we will most likely make a majority of our friends and our friend\’s thoughts and actions are going to have a great effect on the kind of person that we are going to be. Schools not only are a place for us to create friends who will influence our thoughts and actions, but it is also a place that will shape our ideas of \”self\”. It will do this because of the ideas that the teachers give us and the type of \”vibe\” that the school gives off.