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Class overview: The course examines the social, economic and political characteristics of racial and ethnic groups in the USA from several angles. As part of the learning experience you will read contemporary research reports, participate in weekly discussions and write research papers that will encourage creative thinking about the conditions of racial and ethnic groups.

Postings should be a minimum of three paragraphs. It must be detailed; your post must contain information from the readings, the textbook and if possible other sources.
Address ALL the questions assigned to the unit as much as possible (don\’t let the discussion stray).

You should always remember that this course is a Sociology course; our primary objective is to understand the social, economic and political circumstances of racial and ethnic groups in American society.

Try to use quotes from the textbook or weekly readings that support your postings. Include page numbers when you do that.

Topic Area
What is Prejudice?
What is Discrimination?
Institutional Discrimination
Theories of Prejudice and Discrimination: An Assessment

Discussion Questions
1. How are prejudice and discrimination both related and unrelated to each
other? Explain using examples
1. Why do prejudice develop even towards groups with whom people have
little contact? Explain fully.
1. What social, economic and political issues do you think are most likely to engender hostility along racial and ethnic lines? How so? Explain your answer fully.
2. How can discrimination serve to unify an oppressed group to resist such
unequal treatment? Explain your answer.

(This is the response from the last paper submitted, received an 80/100:
A fairly good attempt; however, you did not fully and adequately discuss how the race, ethnicity and class are key factors here. You began the process, but it is incomplete or insufficuent.)

Required textbook:

Marger, Martin, N Race and Ethnic Relations: American and Global Perspectives, Cengage, ISBN-13-978-1-285-74175 10/E OR LATEST EDITION