Discuss your theoretical frameworkin understanding dyslexia

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Chapter 3

1. Could be re-named Methodology and data analysis

1. Please mention that you are following a case study approach in your introduction

2. Figure 1 is more related to your participants please move this on p. 70

3. Case studies are increasingly p. 69 where is this claim based on? please specify

4. please mention that the learners with dyslexia were identified by KWDA

5. p. 74, p. 87 Error!… please omit these

6. p. 82, p. 97 please correct the number of your tables

7. p. 82 please omit the

8. p. 87 please add y in The

9. p. 88 please reference NVivo10

10. please add one or two extracts from your data analysis and the themes that you created in a Figure (one or two indicative examples)

11. pp. 92 – 93 Please discuss how your theoretical framework supported you with your analysis

12. p. 100 please add to

General comment:
Chapter 3 This is too short and more discussion regarding how your theoretical framework informed the methodology and data analysis is required. We would also like to know more about the policy documents and their analysis including the absence of such documents or their duplication in the field. At this point more could be said about how the gaps that arose due largely to cultural issues impacting on the research process were addressed.