Discuss why you chose those 5 artworks to make your point, including:

The popular Khan Academy website has asked you to write an essay for a new online segment they are preparing called Five Ideas that changed Art in the 20th Century. They want you to choose and discuss 5 artworks that you believe represent the most groundbreaking, innovative and influential ideas in the development of art in the 20th century.

You have three section to write:

1.List which 5 artworks you would choose (List these on the first page of the exam, including thumbnail reproduction, artist name, title and date)

2. Discuss why you chose those 5 artworks to make your point, including:

How does each artwork reflect the artistic ideas of the artist(and their time) and how have those ideas(or the movement of which they were a part) been groundbreaking in making us consider new ways to define What is work of art?

How were these artworks/ideas influential on later art and ideas in the 20th- 21st century?
Be specific in discussing this by including how each of your choices specifically influenced a future artist, artwork, or idea(can be until today)

3. Discuss how/if andy of the artworks/artist/ideas you choose above have influenced or might influence your own work in anyway(that is, do andy of the idea relevant in any way to what you are thinking about or doing in your work now or possibly in the future)? Include a picture one of your artworks in your discussion.

Remember: This is your option but you art not just choosing your favorite artworks. Your essay needs to support choices based on the criteria set above(groundbreaking, innovative and influential) for artwork you choose.

You may select the artworks/artists from those we have looked at and discussed in class, or they can be artworks by an artist other than those was saw in class if you seriously think they would constitute a better choice. Either way, you must support/defend the reasons for their inclusion.

This is not research paper and does not require outside resource(although it is not prohibited). No footnotes and no bibliography are necessary but you must write own word.

section1# : 1page(list and image)
section2# : approximately 1 page for each artist ( 5 page total )
section3# : 1 page

approximately 6-7 pages (typed, 12 font, double spaced)