Discuss the population and sample that are affected by this problem?

Computer Science (Software Engineering)

PhD Level research proposal something related to Agile methodology specifically SCRUM

Problem Statement (Most be backed up by published academic research papers )
Research Questions
Research Objectives
Significant of the study

Refrences using APA

I know in problem statement we will cover
1. What is the overriding problemWhat is the population and sample that are affected by this problem?
What type of study will this be?
4. Will this study be qualitative or
5. What type of methodology will be used?
6. What type of data will be collected?
7. What possible outcomes are expected?

Possible topics and issues

1. Customer frustration. Its very hard for the customer to plan around the results of an agile development process and they have very little information about what will be delivered and when. When the customer is in a business with hard deadlines, such as manufacturing, this can be a signfiicant problem.

2. It makes you stupid. Well, not really, but it encourages development teams to ignore the results of analysis in favour of empirical results. While that can be useful discipiline, it also means you can end up implementing things that will never work in reality, because that\’s all thats needed for the current development cycle. Similarly, the lack of design can mean a failure to think properly about algorithms and data structures.

3. Developer centric. Other functions in product organizations can have a very hard time with agile development teams. eg. Documentation need a finished product to document, testing may take a long time. The whole organizational structure needs to be made agile, and this is not something that has been properly thought through in some literature on the subject – agile methodologies often come from consultancy environments where you can ignore these factors