Discuss the issue of Policing in Texas Schools

Topic: Policing in Texas Schools

You will introduce your work in a few short sentences. You will tell us why your work is important.
You may cite a journal article or an education week article.

II. Provide a national context for your paper
Provide a federal policy, law, department of education literature, etc.
Provide aspects of the national education, juvenile issues, or youth issues.
Include facets of National Standards, outcomes, etc
Provide a few overall research outcomes/summary that applies to your topic-what have other researchers found that demonstrates a need for your work.
III. State Context: provide the impact of this issue and the impact it has on Texas
State law
State Guidelines
District policies/local

IV. Literature Review: Summary of the articles you have read on your topic. Include findings and recommendations.

V. Research Component: This an example:
Based on the current issues that you describe in your paper, let us know about your research component. What kind of data will you gather? For example: JJAEP

Describe the education center you are studying;
Use state law (TEC chapter 37 & TAC 431 to provide the policy for placements, (mandatory/non-mandatory), curriculum, offenses, teachers, counselors, services, etc.
Provide the Texas data on JJAEP enrollments, by year for one current years, by race, by gender, by special education status, by poverty level, mandatory placements, etc.
Provide the data for the center you are studying.
Are all of your students one time offenders/they are only referred to your JJAEP once? There is no recidivism? If there is recidivism what data do you have. They have been in your JJAEP as follows: 5% have been there five different times for the following incidents25% go into detention; 25% go to prison..50% only come once, are returned to the home campus and do not return to the JJAEPetc.
VI. Conclusions:
VII. Recommendations