Discuss-The higher minimum wage prevents people from getting a job.

Application of theory and concept (preliminary)
Type: Essay

And I am an international student from China, so please use simple sentence and the words to write this assignment.and do the plagiarism check. and the news article you can find by the portal http://www.smh.com.au/comment/australias-minimum-wage-prevents-people-from-getting-a-job-20160615-gpjivw.html. thanks
Task Description:
Students are required to write a short essay to illustrate how one or more macroeconomic theories or concepts covered in the course can be used to understand a current macroeconomic issue reported in any news article of their choice on or after 1st January 2016. The format of the essay has to be the same as that of \”AN INSIDE LOOK\” of the textbook. That is, students are required to provide:
A news article (wholely or partly), including title, publisher, and date of publication
Key points in the article
Analysing the news
But the \”Thinking critically\” part is not required.
Submission should include both the news article (either re-typed or a nicely scanned copy) and the analysis.
The length of \”Key points in the article\” plus \”Analysing the news\” should be within two pages (A4 paper, 12 point font). There is no limit on the length of the news article.