Discuss the conceptual relationship they have with each other.

Critical Connection Final Paper
Due: Jun 12, 2017, 11:59 PM

The Critical Connection Final Paper requires you to select three assigned course materials that we\’ve covered in MCS 105 (articles, chapters, podcasts, videos, poem), and then put them in conversation with a current event that you select. The current event can be a political speech, film, news story, legal debate, or any other multicultural related issue discussed in the media. Think of what you select as–what Douglass Kellner calls–a cultural artifact. The current event you choose must be within the past 15 years. The idea is to analyze this current event (i.e. cultural artifact) using the course materials we discussed throughout the quarter. Follow these steps to complete the assignment:

Choose three course readings & a current event that you want to put in conversation with the selected course material.

In approximately 4-5 page essay(double-spaced & Times New Roman font) discuss the following:
Summarize each selected course reading/podcast/video and explain their main argument and/or point.

Discuss the conceptual relationship they have with each other. In other words, answer how your selected materials are connected with each other.
Analyze how the current event youve selected illustrates or serves as an example of the chosen authors\’ main arguments and concepts. Provide specific details and examples of how.
Be sure to cite any sources that you use (MLA, Chicago, APA or other citation style is fine as long as you remain consistent).