Discuss Strategic Management Accounting

This is my final exam of the course Strategic Management Accounting which weights 100% of my grade so it is very important to me. I need to pass this course in order to move to next semester. I can extend the deadline to finish the order NO LATER than 8.00 AM (central Europe time) on 10 May 2017. I will have to submit it to school at 10.00 am. Please just make sure that your paper is the best. I have attached the exam question. The formal requirements of the paper is: Margins: 5cm left margin, 2cm right-, top- and bottom margin. Line spacing:1,5. Font: Times New Roman 12. No cover page. You can use footnote but no header. Here are some info regarding my course:
The curriculum is divided into five parts: Part 1-Strategic performance management. Part 2-Financial planning and budgeting. Part 3-Understanding cost behavior and the value chain. Part 4-Cost allocation and more advanced costing models. Part 5-Business process analysis and the leanphilosophy.
My textbook is Atkinson, Kaplan, Matsamura and Young: Management Accounting Information for Decision Making and Strategy Execution, 6th edition, relevant chapters: Chapter 1 How Management Accounting Information Supports Decisions Making. Chapter 2 The Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map. Chapter 5 ActivityBased Cost Systems. Chapter 7 Measuring and Managing Process Performance. Chapter 10 Using Budgets for Planning and Coordination.
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