Discuss Socoiology Prespectives on Racial and Ethical Relations

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UNIT 4: Sociological Perspectives on Racial and Ethnic Relations

Assimilation and Order Perspectives, Power Conflict Perspectives on Racial and Ethnic Adaptation, Internal Colonialism Theory, Caste Theory

Discussion Questions
1.We live in an era of globalization; there is increasing contacts of Americans with people from other cultural backgrounds including Chinese, Japanese, Africans and other groups. In your view, does the emerging global economy demand that Americans assimilate into one dominant American culture or familiarity with multiple cultures around the world? Explain fully.
2.In your view is the Caste Theory applicable to Native Americans or African

Americans (Choose one group and explain fully in your work)?

*textbook we are using is: Social Inequality Patterns and Processes 6th edition, Martin N. Marger, 2014 McGraw Hill

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