Discuss screening test hypertension coronary artery disease cad

requesting only writer 22952 for 2 page ,4 reference ,apa format on proper testing for our sample patient from part 1 order 316180 with his family history find genetic and epidemiological data for first degree relative and likely development of same or similar disease in children ,, or conditions created in children or susceptibilities from parent to child such as what you said in part on paper that hypertensive parent tend to produce children with stiffening in the arteries are any specific genetic test recommended ,, what basic medical test are recommended for primry care doctors or family nurse practitioners or cardiologist for our patient GEORGE are they affordable and useful on a cost /benefit performance level SEE SELECT FILE FOR TEACHER INSTRUCTIONS AND ARTICLE TESTING FOR CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE IN ARTICLE PICTURED FROM U OF MARLAND IT LIST POSSIBLE TEST SEE IF YOU CAN FIND STATISTICS ON COST BENEFIT OF SPECIFIC TEST PAPER DEADLINE DUE 6/7 4PM EASTERN STANDARD TIME