\”Discuss preparing a Capital improvement Plan (CIP) .

My Teacher\’s request: \”Assignment: two to three pages. One reference must be used other than our text. No cover page or abstract is needed by you must include a reference page. APA style.\”


\”Discuss preparing a Capital improvement Plan (CIP) . Define it and discuss advantages and disadvantages. Discuss the three process steps involved in forming a CIP? How are projects prioritized? What is the importance of a needs assessment and how does that impact the selection process? How are CIP projects financed? Finally, discuss a CIP that you are aware of either in your work or in your community.\” (I live in Hawaii)

I sent you a couple of pages from my text last time…..Let me know if I need to scan in some more pages about Capital improvement plan from my text book. Thank you!

Title: The Basics of Public Budgeting and Financial Management
Author: Menifield, Charles E.
ISBN: 978-0-7618-6141-6
Edition/Copyright: 2nd Edition
Publisher: University Press of American Inc.