Discuss on Retirement

My mother is retiring after 52 years of teaching. I am partially disabled and cannot attend the party. I want to write a speech that will be read by someone in my stead.
She started in September 1965 and is finishing June 2017. She taught first grade at (I will fill in later) school which is in (City), (State). She is an insanely hard worker and has taught multiple generations how to read. When I got to places in (City) and people realize that I am her son, they always tell me how much my mother has influenced their lives. Some people have that have been taught to read by my mother have grandchildren who have been taught by my mother. Also, if you could put in how she had learned to use the computer over the last few years, that would be great. At first, she wanted nothing to do with it. Then she got determined to learn and did so on her own and got very good at it. She makes her own work sheets for the children on a regular basis. She knows some tricks that I don\’t even know and I have a degree in Computer Science. I know it is cliche, but she is a saint, lol! I have left some things blank because I\’m not sure who is writing this thing and I would like to remain as anonymous as possible.