Discuss Neuffer, Elizabeth. The Key to My Neighbors House.

A comment of 250 hundred words based on the assigned reading as followed:

Neuffer, Elizabeth. The Key to My Neighbors House. (2002)
p. 83-162

requirements: 250 hundred words How do I score 3 points on my post?

1 pt — A post of at least 150 words that demonstrates any familiarity with the course material. A comment on something you found interesting or something you didnt understand. This comment will likely make little or no attempt to connect your observation to bigger themes in the in class or to discussions that weve been having in class.

1.5 2 pts A post of at least 200 words that although somewhat general in nature makes some attempt to expand upon discussions weve had in class or has an insight about the material that you did not have an opportunity to share in class.

2.5 3 pts A post of at least 250 words that takes something specific in the reading an example, a significant quotation, an event in one of the novels or stories, etc. and talks about how it illuminates the ideas weve been talking about in class OR a post that pulls ideas from multiple readings and shows how they fit together.

Please assign the proficient writer in this area