Discuss Melanie has a business where she sells cupcakes to the local communit

Read Chapter 19 of your textbook.
Continue referring to the Definitions.docx document as needed.
Write a paper making recommendations for the optimal business entity form for the entrepreneurs in the scenarios outlined below using the textbook and include at least two other credible sources in your paper.
Write a five page (maximum) paper, following APA guidelines, discussing your recommendation for the optimal business entity form for each of the following scenarios:
Melanie has a business where she sells cupcakes to the local community. She sells the cupcakes out of her basement which has access from her backyard. Patrons must walk down a set of stairs in her backyard, which often become icy in the winter time.
Brett and Jamal work together on a construction crew. They are interested in starting their own construction business where they will buy houses, remodel the houses, and sell the houses at a profit (hopefully).
Rebecca has an idea for a new online website where local contractors and potential customers will connect. The customers will primarily be homeowners looking for help with small repairs. Rebecca will match the contractor with homeowners through her website. Rebecca will charge the homeowner and pay the contractor 75% of the fee charged. Losses are certain in the first few years. However, she hopes to create franchises in local markets.
Samantha has a business selling hand-made quilts. She only sells the quilts online. No customers visit her house.
Daniel has a networking website. He only allows potential users to join if they have been invited by another user to join the network. A new user is charged $20,000 to become a member. Membership status is considered a major status symbol. Daniel hopes to take his company public by selling shares on a national exchange.
Your paper should start by discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the sole proprietorship, partnership, Limited Liability Partnership, LLC, and Corporation forms of business entity.
After discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each form of business entity, discuss the five factual scenarios above and conclude as to the best business entity form for each factual scenario.
Your paper should focus on 1) ease of formation, 2) federal income tax on profits of the business, 3) and personal liability for the owner.
Save this assignment as one Word document (five- page maximum).